We came. We Walked. We danced and we chair volleballed Pt. 2

Acres of Angels held their 5th annual Diabetes Walk on April 25th, 2017 at Lincoln Park right in the heart of Acres Homes. Each year the walk grows and this year, thanks to the sponsorship of Claude Cummings Jr, Vice President of Communications Workers of America District 6, Acres of Angels under the leadership of Edna Griggs was able to pack the track and fill the gym to the rim with people that were walking, dancing and raising awareness for diabetes, a disease that affects 29 million people in the United States. Diabetes affects many people in the Acres Homes area, many senior citizens may be living with the disease and may not know how to prevent or manage diabetes. Instead of having her walk in the downtown area or in some distant arena, Edna Griggs decided to have her walk in a place that is more accessible to the seniors and other citizens of the community, many of whom may not be able to travel great distances. Thanks to Edna Griggs vision and sponsorships from Mr. Claude Cummings and Communication Workers of America, Acres of Angels does not have to charge for registration, or parking. Edna Griggs wants everyone to be able to “just come out and walk and not worry about all of that”. Co- Grand Marshall, City Councilwoman at Large Amanda K Edwards brought plenty of knowledge and energy as she helped kick things off with a very inspirational speech. She even commandeered the MIM Television microphone, conducting interviews along with Christina Walsh, President of the Spring Branch Democrats and Dr. Val Dabney of Lone Star College Victory Center. Doctor and staff from United Memorial Medical Center provided free glucose screenings and there was Zumba, line dancing with Stepp and Stomp, chair volleyball and all manner of fun and healthy activities going on throughout the day. Outside the kids were playing organized baseball under the great coaching staff of Lincoln Park and others and kids and parents enjoyed Lincoln Park’s Family Fun Day with the amazing DJ Dorian Toussant providing the sounds that kept the party moving. Kelvin Urban Farmer provided healthy juicing solutions Acres of Angels thanks our sponsor Claude Cummings Jr. our co-Grand Marshall Councilwoman Amanda K Edwards, and all of our vendors. Senior’s Choice, Lone Star College Victory center, Dr. Lorraine McKinney, the office of Commissioner Rodney Ellis of Precinct 1, Lincoln Park, Constable Alan Rosen, Judge Steven Kirkland, Judge Eric William Carter, UT Physicians, and Diane Trautman of the Harris County Board of Education Trustee, Dr. Michael Bradley, Diabetes Educator and Tiffany Murphy, Family Therapy Intern. Music by by Hook Sounds

This video was made possible by Claude Cummings Jr., Vice President of Communications Workers of America District 6

cCommunication Workers of America District 6

Acres of Angels Diabetes Walk 2014

The Angels added several new activities to the 2nd annual Diabetes Walk

Acres of Angels Diabetes Walk 2015

This year we had a special appearance by charter member Sheila Jackson Lee

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Edna Griggs brought education and awareness to the community

About Edna Griggs

Edna Griggs, hails from one of the most historical settlements in the Houston region, the Acres Homes community. Proud to be a resident of the area known throughout Texas as the “44”, Griggs describes Acres Homes as, “one of the first communities originally homesteaded by Blacks, and one of the largest Black communities in the United States.” Today, Griggs serves as a political activist. She may be seen anytime there is an election going on in the community and/or around the city encouraging as many residents as she can to get out and vote. She has also worked alongside many individuals pursuing public office as well as current politicians with their campaigns. Edna is very involved in her community and is considered the Acres Homes activist for seniors and young people. This was her inspiration in founding Acres of angels.

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