2017 Unique Blue Carpet Awards Highlights

After completing Barbara Jordan Endeavors programs, students with disabilities are receiving scholarships to attend several select colleges. Thanks to our sponsors, guests and those of you that donate to our program for making this year’s ceremony a resounding success. The Barbara Jordan Endeavors Corporation is a 501(c)3 (75 - 0587180) Non-Profit organization that solicit scholarships sponsors throughout the year and provide FREE services for students with emotional, mental, and physical disabilities. This organization encourages, empowers and equips students to become self-sufficient, discover their maximum potential and achieve their academic goals. The vision of Barbara Jordan Endeavors Corporation is to reduce the dropout and suicide rate for high school students with a disability by producing college-ready students with disabilities (Unique Abilities) and to do so by collaborating successfully with different school districts who accept our Barbara Jordan Ambassadors Program. We envision a school atmosphere that does not tolerate or accept bullying and intimidation, which can affect a student with disabilities (Unique Abilities) to cease personal educational goals and sometimes drop out of high school.

Unique Blue Carpet Scholarship Awards Ceremony. It Takes a Village

Our Honorary Guest Hosts

Barbara Jordan endeavors Unique Students

Our newest scholarship recipients are very excited, and so are their parents! The dresses are almost ready and the stage is set. Click the picture to meet some of the kids that are in our programs….

Barbara Jordan endeavors STEM Program

Barbara Jordan Endeavors held their 2017 Blue Carpet Awards Celebration at the Sheraton Brookhollow Hotel in Houston, Texas. With your help, BJE is able to provide scolarships for several of our unique students. In this video, reveal meet some of our honorary guest hosts.