Natasha is four weeks away from competing in the Ronnie Coleman Classic!

Ronnie coleman Classic: 4 Wks. Out

Natasha in the kitchen. Stay tuned to for heathy diet tips

Figure competitor Natasha is four weeks away from taking the stage at the Ronnie Coleman Classic. As a wife, mother, grandmother and career lady she has, with her very supportive husband Deon found the power to balance her busy life and tune her body to peak condition. Lifting weights, clean, healthy eating and spiritual awareness has Natasha firing on all cylinders! Here Natasha tells us how she does it. This video series is produced by Mr. Instrumentalist and is built to inspire and inform all ladies and couples out there that may be facing a challenge or feeling like there’s no hope. We all have the power within us to become the best version of ourselves and to work out any situation. We are sorry to those of you looking for another negative, foul mouthed reality show because this is not the one. Follow Natasha, watch with the family, with your mate, with the girls or during your “me time”. If you like what we are doing please leave a comment down below and share this video with whomever my want to experience the journey. Get ready to live right with Natasha! #mimtelevision #liverightwithNatasha Like us on Facebook twitter @mimtelevision