Clothed By faith's Grand Opening

Ribbon cutting at the clothed by Faith Ggrand Opening

Clothed By Faith works in partnership with several nonprofits in Katy, Texas and the surrounding areas to serve at risk children and promote health and wellness programs that reflect God's love and give them hope for the future. Clothed By Faith initially set out to provide clothing to those in Katy who were struggling with poverty. It soon became apparent that there were people all over Harris, Fort Bend and Waller counties that were also in desperate need of help. Slowly the charity started to expand further into the three county area. As with all things, once the news about the work that CBF carries out spread, we were soon contacted by other non-profits right across the Houston area. Unfortunately the need across these geographical areas continues. To date CBF has helped over 3000 people and we now average 50 requests for help from people in need (clients) per week. When you consider that 1 in 4 children in Texas live in poverty and there are over 6300 people in the Houston area without a home on any given night, this does not come as a huge surprise. Our policy is to give enough clothing to last an individual a week. We give gently used clothing that has been donated by the public and new undergarments and socks. It costs CBF $10 to give a bag of clothing to a client. Although we will never lose sight of our beginnings right here in Katy we are delighted that we are now in a position to help clients from further afield.