Fill the room with people

that are looking for your expertise.

You tell us who your ideal customer is. We use advanced digital marketing to

deliver hyper-local, targeted leads to your doorstep.

Find the people that are looking for you

Reduce your ad spend

Increase your results

We’re not here to put direct mail down

Mailers do work. You will reach people with mailers.  

However, we have an alternative

Hyper Local Targeting

We reach out to people who are currently interested and looking for what you have to offer, based on who you’ve told us your ideal client is.

We get clicks

We create effective social media ads and beautiful landing pages that not only look good but also get clicks!

Close the deal

Now all you have to worry about is working on that surefire presentation. We know you have that part down.

You can keep doing it the old way

Here are a couple of alternatives to using our services to promote your event

Email Lists

As you know, email-only campaigns are not working very well. When you send an email ad, you are basically interrupting someone as they are likely not searching for what you are offering. The amount you are spending vs the low open rate is holding you back. 

Television Advertising

Television is great if you are  trying to reach a large audience. Problem is, WHO are these people? Did they turn on the TV to look for financial advice? No. There’s no reliable way of knowing who you are paying (a lot of money) to target. Did I mention that it can be very expensive?

Did we mention that a large amount of your ad spend will go towards people that are hours or more away from you? This isn’t what you want. 

Or you can choose our hyperlocal targeted campaigns

We use the power of social media to place your invitation on the screens of people that are actively looking for what you have to offer. People that are ready and willing to make a short trip to enjoy your presentation.  

Do I need to know about social media?

No. You don’t. That’s why we are here. After we get a little information from you, we will set everything up. We want you to focus on closing the prospects that we will bring you. 

What do I have to do?

Fill out the form and we will reach out to you so that we can get started setting up your first campaign. 

Can you guarantee results?

No one can  guarantee results if they are being honest with you. What we can say is that we are eliminating wasteful spending and giving you the best opportunity to write some new business